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About Company

  • Pet Enjoy Bio-Science was established in 2015, merging and transforming from a traditional agency, consistently focusing on providing solutions to unmet-needs of veterinary clinical practice.
  • We do not use pricing as a competition but to introduce professional sales & marketing into business model. We strive for influencing and leading vets and pet owners to the right track of Animal Health Care.
  • Cooperating with several local office of international companies, such as MSD, Zoetis and IDEXX, we are offering beneficial products and education to promote the progress of this industry.
  • Now, we are offering service to over 1000 Vet clinics in Taiwan and looking to expend to other Asian country like Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea and China through our strong network with strategic business partners.

Company Vision & Mission

Vision We believe that our progress follows the progressive Animal Health Industry , therefore become the best partnership in Asia.

Mission Based on our critical market insights, we strive for providing solutions consistently. This enable our Animal healthcare partners to best realize the full market potential and get connection to the ASIAN markets.

Management Team

General Manager : Peter Tu

Pharmacist background, years experience in pharmaceutical industry veterinary field with Bayer, Schering-plough, Sanofi(Merial) and IDEXX etc. In the past 2 years as a country manager role at IDEXX, familiar with animal medical market.

Company Structure